The fertile soil of Tērvete has always attracted strong and enterprising people

Today, AS “Agrofirma Tērvete” is a modern, diversified agricultural production company with vast experience and heritage since 1947. The company has undergone different times and different state systems.

The company survived, developed and grew because of love for one’s own land and wise management.

To take care of the ecology of the surrounding environment and efficient use of resources, the company’s business is formed as closed-circle agricultural production.

Mission, Vision, Values

What is our uniting force?

Modern and responsible agricultural production, and as a result – Latvian land is tended, and new products and values are created.

Where are we heading?

We strive for AS “Agrofirma Tērvete” to be a source of well-being and inspiration for us, our families, the Latvian society and also generations to come, because it is at home, on our own land where we are truly happy. We are rooted here, and everything that we earn, and that we produce, is from our own land!

Our values

Responsibility – We respect what has been entrusted to us and do our work well.
Development – We acquire new knowledge and we put it to use.
Sustainable thinking – We are committed to preserving resources and the environment for future generations.
Delight in creating and caring – For us, work is not only an obligation but also a source of joy and satisfaction.

The Company operates in four sectors

“Agrofirma Tērvete” is proud to be a part of Agrolats Group, which today unites companies with the same understanding, values and business development approach, as well as the aim of creating a sustainable, mutually supportive business environment in Latvia, and contributing to the overall development of the national economy.

For the founder of the idea of Agrolats Group, Vitauts Paškausks, the priority has always been work for the good of Latvia, and he has brought to life values of importance to him in the operation of Agrolats Group, which over time have become integral to everyday business of all partner companies, including “Agrofirma Tērvete” where employees work according to these values and, based on them, make decisions to ensure the sustainable development of the company.


we employ on average
190 employees

3200 ha



we keep a herd of
2600 cows on average

3200 MWh

electricity produced annually