Energy and Biogas Production

100% green energy sources

5 million m3

biogas produced annually

10 t

bio-LNG daily

3 MW

capacity of the solar power plant

AS “Agrofirma Tērvete” is a sustainable energy production company with an aim to provide green energy for the domestic and foreign markets, at the same time ensuring that the company’s self-consumption is 100% based on renewable energy sources.

The company’s current energy production is mainly based on the complete biochemical recycling of dairy waste products through the process of anaerobic fermentation whereby biogas – a renewable energy resource – is obtained. The current processed volume of manure exceeds 110 000 tonnes per year, providing more than 3 million m3 of biogas annually, which was burnt in internal combustion engines producing green electricity and heat for sale and the company’s consumption.

Taking the European Green Deal into account, the company has planned considerable development:

  • In the second half of summer 2023, a solar power plant with an installed electrical capacity of 3 MW will be commissioned;

All the produced electricity will be used to satisfy the company’s needs, while overproduction will be transferred into the electricity distribution grid according to the net repurchase conditions.

  • At the end of 2023, the first liquefied biomethane gas (bio-LNG) plant in Latvia will be commissioned, with an installed liquefaction capacity of 10 t bio-LNG daily.

The biogas produced at the plant will be purified to the degree of quality that exceeds the liquefied natural gas standards. With the expansion of the dairy farming sector of the company, the volume of manure to be processed in the coming years will exceed 160,000 tonnes per year, producing a renewable energy resource – bio-LNG – for the needs of the European Union’s transport sector and replacing approximately 3 million litres of fossil diesel fuel annually, thus achieving a significant reduction of about 10,000 tonnes of CO2 of global greenhouse gas emissions per year.

At the same time the company continues to provide:

  • Green thermal energy for Kroņauce Village (including the school and kindergarten);

  • Green thermal energy (including steam) to the nearby production company AS “Tērvetes AL”;

  • Green electricity for the production needs of the company during the period with no solar power, by burning biogas in the cogeneration plant (with installed electrical capacity of 0.5 MW);

  • Green thermal power for the company’s production needs by burning biogas in direct combustion boilers.

Closed loop agriculture