1947 1947

Collective farm “Tērvete” is established.

1955 - 1990 1955 - 1990

“Tērvete” becomes one of the leading models for collective farms in Latvia.

The farm is chaired by Viesturs Gredzens, a Meritorious Agricultural Worker of the Latvian SSR.

During the 70s and 80s of the last century, several large-scale agricultural production objects are built – cattle farm complexes and a horse stud farm.


a new canteen, a medical assistance point, a hairdresser’s, and a household services point


a new name – collective farm – agricultural company “Tērvete”

1971 1971

Brewery “Tērvete” is launched

It was the first collective farm-owned brewery in Latvia attempting to compete with state-supported bottled beer manufacturers. As an auxiliary business of the collective farm “Tērvete”, the brewery started its operation under strict conditions: it was only permitted to process the barley harvested at the collective farm and the staff could not include any of the people employed at the collective farm at that time.

1990 - 2011

Modris Goba is head of the company

1992 - 1993 1992 - 1993

Agricultural company “Tērvete” is transferred into a share company – agricultural company “Tērvete”.

The holders of capital shares of the share company (members) pass a decision not to divide the company through the further process of privatisation, but to develop it into a diversified large-scale agricultural production company.

1995 - 1998 1995 - 1998

• Retail sale and catering businesses are launched comprising a number of production and sales venues in Dobele.


Joint-stock company “Agrofirma Tērvete” is founded

2003 - 2006 2003 - 2006

Three brewery modernisation projects are implemented, doubling the production capacity.

2012 – 2013 2012 – 2013

A new, modern dairy farming complex is commissioned.

• Capacity of the cattle farm – up to 3000 milking cows

• The biogas production plant is launched

2022 2022

Agricultural machinery fleet is replaced in entirety; new tractors, combine harvesters, mower-shredders, self-propelled feed mixers, telescopic handlers. 25 machinery units in total.

2023 2023
  • Solar power plant is built – solar panels with a total capacity of 3 MW are installed. The produced electricity is used to satisfy the company’s consumption needs, as well as part is transferred to the grid.

  • The first liquefied biomethane gas (bio-LNG) plant in Latvia is commissioned, with an installed liquefaction capacity of 10 t bio-LNG daily.